Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Samsung Launched galaxy Fold 2nd generation

After Redesign the Samsung Galaxy Fold ready to relaunching.
 Two days ago , director of samsung mobile business announce the relaunching of samsung galaxy fold devices. In the announcement they will ask about the screen protector film will be increased and there is better experience than samsung galaxy fold previous version.
According to ceo :- The biggest problem was the film screen that many reviewers mistook for a screen protector and tried to peel off, just to render the phone unusable. In the second-generation Galaxy Fold the film is stretched and tucked under the outer bezels of the device so you can’t peel it. The other issue was the hinge that now comes with extra protection both for the display and from the elements.
According to Bloomberg, Samsung will soon start shipping components to its factory in Vietnam while the company is deciding on a launch date. Rumors are suggesting we will see the redesigned phone at the August 7 launch of the Galaxy Note10 series, but at this point that seems unlikely.
This is a huge product bound to change the industry (if it has better luck in its second attempt), and Samsung will likely dedicate it a separate event.

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