Sunday, August 4, 2019

Oppo Launching Slider Phone With quad Selfie camera setup

A lot of patent applications never develop into actual products but in the case of this particular Oppo filing, it could be the real deal. A patent application filed at the end of March that included a set of schematics has now been updated with high-quality official-looking renders.
oppo slider phone mania

This unannounced slider phone borrows from the existing Find X in that it stashes the selfie camera (likely cameras, plural) under the display when not in use, only it differs from the original on the back - the rear cameras remain exposed at all times here, and are in the top left corner. The Find X has them on the sliding platform and keeps them covered unless you're taking pictures.
Rendered in a pale shade of red, the phone has a characteristic checkmark on the back, which you'd initially think resembles the letter 'V'. With Oppo trademarking the name Find Y a few weeks ago, however, we're starting to see a Y morph out of that checkmark.
Still within the realm of speculation, we're wondering if Oppo will fit an under-display fingerprint sensor on this model - there certainly aren't capacitive ones to be found in the renders, and if Oppo chose not to fit an under-display unit on the Find X out of considerations that the tech wasn't ready, perhaps the time has now come. In any case, judging by this latest development, we'll be finding out soon.

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