Sunday, August 18, 2019

US President Trump Invites Apple's CEO Tim Cook on Dinner date

US President Donald Trump said he was
 having dinner on Friday with Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook of Apple, a company the president has criticised for not
 manufacturing more of its products in the United States.

"Having dinner tonight with Tim Cook of A
pple. They will be spending vast sums of money in the US Great!" Trump, who is on a working vacation at his golf club in
Bedminster, New Jersey, said in a Twitter message.
The White House did not immediately
 respond to a question about the agenda for the dinner and what Trump was referring to when he said Apple would be spending vast sums in the United States.
Apple did not immediately respond to a
 request for comment.
Trump has said he wants Apple and other manufactures to move their production
 from China and other countries to the United States.
Another round of US tariffs on Chinese
imports had been due to take effect in September 1, but the Trump administration
this week delayed the tariffs on some
products until December 15.
"We're doing this for Christmas season, just
in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on US customers," Trump said on Tuesday after the announcement.
Levies on Apple's MacBooks and iPhones
were delayed until December, while tariffs
 on its AirPods, Apple Watch and HomePod will
go into effect as scheduled next month.
The United States and China are locked in a trade war over US demands that China
 change its policies on intellectual property protection, technology transfers, industrial subsidies and other trade barriers.
Trump said on Thursday that US and
 Chinese negotiators were holding "
productive" trade talks and expected them
 to meet in September.

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