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Sunday, 18 August 2019

vivo NEX 3 will support 5G

vivo NEX 3 will support 5G

Vivo's product manager, Li Xiang, just can't stop teasing the still unannounced vivo NEX 3 flagship smartphone. He already confirmed that the handset will have a "waterfall screen" and will retain the much-beloved 3.5mm audio jack. He was also bold enough to share some sketches of the phone's design.
The upcoming vivo NEX 3 will support 5G
Today's order of the day, however, is 5G. The manager shared a partial screenshot of the home screen and it's hard not to notice the two 5G icons in the upper-left and the upper-right corner. Then again, the device will likely sport the newest Snapdragon 855+ chip, so it's only natural to adopt 5G as well.
The launch is nearing and we can't wait to see what vivo has in stored for us.

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