Sunday, September 15, 2019

Xiaomi Mi bulb full review

Mi Bulb :-

Xiaomi sells a wide range of smart home accessories in China and is slowly bringing them to India as well, one product at a time. The Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is one of the newest products from Xiaomi's smart home devices portfolio to make its way to the Indian market. After going up for pre-order through Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform, the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is now available for sale in India. Priced at Rs. 1,299 each, the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb offers customers a relatively affordable entry into the world of smart home devices. In typical Xiaomi fashion, it also brings a lot to the table at a bargain. Should you invest in the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb over rivals from seasoned brands such as Philips and Syska? Read on to find out in our review.

Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb design

The Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb has a pear-shaped profile, but with a less curvy design and sharper lines than most commonly available LED bulbs. Unlike standard bulbs, the Xiaomi offering has a metallic base and is quite heavy. The matte finish lends a premium touch to it and helps with heat dissipation.
One important aspect that you should consider before buying the Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is that instead of the B22 bayonet standard that is widely used in India, the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb has a base with screw ridges made for E27 holders. The latter can be found on some decorative lamps and chandeliers, but most Indian homes are fitted with the B22 bulb holders.

This means that you'll have to separately purchase an B22 to E27 socket converter for each and every Xiaomi bulb you buy. As for the B22 to E27 socket converters, these are easily available in the market for around Rs. 150 to Rs. 200, and we'd recommend that you stay away from cheaper ones made out of flimsy plastic, as they might get loose over time and cause the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb to fall due to its weight.

Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb features and experience

The Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb can produce 16 million colours and its colour temperature ranges between 1700K and 6500K. The bulb is claimed to emit 800 lumens of light, which is brighter than most common LED bulbs with the same power rating, which happens to be 10W in case of the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb. Moreover, the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is claimed to be able to last for 11 years, assuming usage of 6 hours per day on average.
You will find five toggles on the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb's home page in the Mi Home app. You can turn the light on/off, adjust the colour, or enable the 'Flow' mode that smoothly transitions between different colours. You can also tap the heart icon at the top to save a particular hue as a favourite and assign it a name.
In the Favourites section, which can be opened by tapping the star icon at the bottom, you'll find a list of light colours you've saved as favourites in the past and can also choose from some pre-installed presets. For example, the Sunrise effect turns on the light and gradually increases its brightness over the next fifteen minutes.
The Sunset effect dims the light and turns it off within ten minutes. We found these two light effect presets particularly useful. There are also some scenario-based options such as Movie, Birthday, Date Night, and Romantic Evening among others, with each one producing a distinct shade of light at different brightness levels.​

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