Friday, September 13, 2019

PUBG MOBILE update to bring Season 9 with new content: Rocket launchers and helicopters etc


A lot of been happening and a lot of new stuff is yet to come to the game. Leaks on YouTube have suggested new gameplay modes involving rocket launchers and helicopters, all of which is only going to make the classic battle royale game more existing for players. There also have been talks of new the Season 9 Royale Pass bringing new rewards and content. And now, the PUBG MOBILE team is finally getting ready to roll out some of these new updates in the coming days.
The PUBG MOBILE team has officially taken to its social media handle to announce the arrival of the Royale Pass Season 9, which is called Warriors Unite. The Season 9 will come with the 0.14.5 update and bring all the new content themed after warriors. Therefore, you can expect to see in-game content such as warrior themed costumes, ammunitions and other items. Additionally, in terms of rewards, the team has also introduced a couple of changes.
Players will get to see redesigned missions and ranking pages with the new update. There will also be a countdown timer leading to the new season. The upgraded Royale Pass customised sharing page will be added and new weekly Mission crate reminders will also be there. The achievement chain progress system will come with the update. Emotes can now be dismantled and rewards and a discount on rare firearm finish with the purchase of Unknown Cash will be available.
PUBG MOBILE players can also log in for a chance to win a journey to the PMCO 2019 Fall Splits Global Finals as part of the Global Treasure Hunt Challenge, for a prize pool of 1 million.

If you are looking forward to the Royal Pass Season 9 update, you should know that the update will start rolling out from September 12 via the Google Play Store and App Store for Apple devices. The update will require 0.2GB space in your device which is why you should have some space in your device before downloading it. The Season 9 content will be available from September 13.
However, the bigger update coming to PUBG MOBILE is the 0.15.0 update that will bring the much-awaited Payload mode. Under the Payload mode, you will get to see a new gameplay mode under the Arcade section. The gameplay mode is aimed to offer players a chance to fight against each other with helicopters and rocket launchers.

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