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Why iphone 11 pro is different than iphone xs

Apple iphone 11 pro vs iphone xs :-

Apple unveiled three new iPhones - the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max - at a special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park in Cupertino, California earlier this week. The iPhone 11 is this year's budget iPhone and the obvious successor to the iPhone XR, check out the differences between the two devices here. The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max are the successors to last year's flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.
Why Pro? Because Apple says that it is for the "Pro" users who "want the most sophisticated technology that pushes the limits". "This is the first phone that we've called "Pro". And for us that means that it's a device that pros can count on to get their work done," Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller said while announcing the iPhone 11 Pro series.
Apple has made a number of major changes to its Pro lineup over its last year's flagship devices. A more powerful chip, a bigger battery, an even better camera setup and a different colour palette are some of the things that the iPhone 11 Pro has over the iPhone XS. If you are wondering why I left out the iPhone 11 Pro Max out of this conversation then let me clarify, the iPhone XS Max has disappeared from the Apple website. Of course, you can still find it in some remote corner of the website but the company is no longer showing it off alongside the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS.
Coming back to the topic, Apple hasn't increased the prices of its top iPhones this year, something that has become almost customary thing for the company to do. This means that you can buy the iPhone 11 Pro for almost the same price at which you would have purchased the iPhone XS last year. I'm sure many people would have let out a sigh of relief with that. I know I did. We'll talk more about the price and other differences shortly.


iPhone 11 Pro is radically different from the iPhone XS. But there are some similarities as well. For starters, the screen. Both the iPhones, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XS, come with a 5.8-inch OLED display and feature a screen resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. Both the phones come with IP68 dust and water resistant coating. There are some subtle differences there and we'll get to them in the next section of this story.
Now, let's talk about the differences.

Display and Design

While the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS may come with the same sized display, there are some subtle yet important differences that are too obvious to miss. For starters, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a Super Retina XDR display while the iPhone XS comes with a Super Retina HD display. What these fancy words mean is that iPhone 11 Pro (800 nits brightness) will come with a brighter display than the iPhone XS (625 nits brightness).
Another point of difference in the display of the two phones is that while the iPhone 11 features a iPhone XR-like haptic touch display, the iPhone XS comes with a 3D touch display. Simply said, now you will be able to perform tasks on your new iPhone simply by long pressing on icons and items instead of applying pressure.
Hold on, that's not it. The iPhone XS came with glass and stainless steel design at the back, which is the same as that that available on the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, comes with textured matt glass and stainless steel design, which means your new Pro iPhone might have a toned-down matte appeal rather than a more glossy look.

A13 Bionic vs the A12 Bionic

One major difference between the 2018 iPhone and by extension the iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 series, and of course the iPhone 11 Pro, is the processor. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a more advanced A13 Bionic chipset. By contrast, the iPhone XS is powered by A12 Bionic processor. Apple says that the CPU of the A13 Bionic chipset is 20 per cent more powerful than A12 Bionic and that it can deliver up to 1 trillion operations per second. Well, that's incredibly fast! But that is what we say about iPhones every year.

More battery life and a fast charger

I don't care about battery life - said no smartphone user ever. When Apple launched its iPhones last year, iPhone XR was hailed as the best battery iPhone ever. The iPhone XS got modest battery reviews in comparison with the iPhone XR. Apple has worked on the battery of its more expensive iPhones and increased the battery life. Apple says that the iPhone 11 Pro now offers 4 more hours of battery life compared to the iPhone XS. This should allow the users to stretch the battery life of the device to second day. But we will have to see just how good the battery holds up in our review in the coming days.
One big difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS is the inclusion of a fast charger. Apple is shipping an 18W USB Type-C fast charger in the box. It also shipping a USB Type-C to Lightning cable in the box, making it the first iPhone in the history of iPhones to get a fast charger. Isn't that amazing or what?!

iOS 13 and other features

The iPhone 11 Pro is powered by iOS 13, which brings tons of new features such as the dark mode, new privacy features, a new Sign in with Apple feature and a new Maps experience among other things. The good news that Apple is rolling out iOS 13 on to its older iPhones starting September 13, so you will get to use all the cool features offered by iOS 13 on your old iPhone.
In addition to iOS 13, iPhone 11 Pro users will get a new audio feature called spatial audio, which Apple says will provide an "immersive sound experience". There is also support for Dolby Atmost. On the contrary, the iPhone XS featured stereo sound. Simply said, iPhone 11 Pro will offer you a better audio experience than its predecessor.

More lenses

The single and the most important change that Apple has made is to the camera setup of its new iPhones. iPhone XS debuted with a dual rear camera setup becoming the first iPhone to have two cameras at the back. The iPhone 11 Pro took a step further by adding a third camera to the mix and becoming the first iPhone to come with three cameras at the back.
The iPhone 11 Pro 12MP ultra wide angle lens, a 12MP wide angle lens and a 12MP telephoto lens at the back. On the contrary, the iPhone XS features a 12MP wide angle lens and a 12MP telephoto lens at the back. An interesting point of difference between the two iPhone is the presence of a night mode in the iPhone 11 Pro -- something that is missing in the iPhone XS. Apple says that the new wide sensor enables the Night mode to deliver huge improvements to photos shot in indoor and outdoor low-light environments, which results in brighter images with reduced noise.
Not just the rear camera, but the front camera of the iPhone 11 Pro too has got an update. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a 12MP TrueDepth camera. On the contrary, the iPhone XS comes with a 7MP TrueDepth camera. iPhone 11 Pro also comes with a new audio zoom feature and a QuickTake video feature that were missing in the iPhone XS.

New colours

Apple has changed its colour palette. The iPhone XS came in three colour variants - Silver, Space Grey and Gold. Now with the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro Apple has added a dash of Midnight Green to the mix, which is the colour variant that Apple showed off at its event on September 10.

Same prices...almost

After all this talk about features and colours, it is natural for you to wanna know about the price. So, let's focus on that now. Apple launched the base variant of iPhone XS last year at a price of Rs 99,900. This year the company has maintained the prices of its premium budget iPhone by launching the base variant (64GB) of the iPhone 11 Pro at Rs 99,900. The 256GB and the 512GB variants of the device cost Rs 1,13,900 and Rs 1,31,900 respectively.
The good news is that the company has dropped the prices of its older iPhone models in India, which means that while the 64GB variant of the iPhone XS sells for Rs 89,900, the 256GB variant of the device sells for Rs 1,03,900.
Apple iPhone 11 Pro will go on sale in India on September 27.

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