Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with 108 mp camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha :-

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

When you look at the Xiaomi Mi Miax Alpha it’s hard not to gawk at its screen, but the 108MP camera on the “back” is equally unique. The company posted several camera samples and while they are downscaled, there are crops that highlight just how much detail is packed into each photo.
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha
The phone has a 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom, though by the looks of it digital zoom from the monstrous 1/1.33” main sensor will work quite well too. Especially when zooming in at night, that f/1.7 aperture will help the sensor collect as much light as possible. Pixel binning will increase image quality even further, producing 27MP shots.

In the first paragraph we put “back” in quotes as there’s almost as much screen on there as on the “front”. This means that you can snap selfies with the main 108MP camera or you can use the 20MP 117° ultra wide camera.
Of course, the pricing means that the Mi Mix Alpha is just a technology demonstrator, much like current foldable phones.

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