Friday, October 11, 2019

How to get Instagram Trophy

The recently Indian music artist Neha Kakkar wins the Instagram Trophy and becomes the top 5th indian which wins the Instagram trophy and she shows this trophy to Indian Idol stage sets.
How to Get The Instagram Trophy.

  1. Authentication :- your account Must be authenticate means Verified at Instagram
  2. Public Figure :-  the Instagramer must be popular on Instagram means brings a most of audience .
  3. Unique :- your account must be unique from all another account.
  4. Uptodate :- you must be uptodate on Instagram means everything is to be shared on Instagram like stories, post everything on every day on Instagram.
  5. Complete Profile :-  your Instagram profile must be brings a complete profile like bio,email, website  etc many more.

If you wants to verify our account your account must follow these Rules.

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