Thursday, October 24, 2019

Realme VOOC Power Bank : Launch date ,price, specifications


Recently The ceo of realme madhav's tells about the new color os 7 comes in realme devices in the last of this year .it brings more suitable features to make the realme devices faster and easier to use and specially the color os 7 are closer to stock Android 10. So in the color os 7 you can browse the all features of stock Android 10.
And madhav also announce about the vooc power bank . 
He ask about the realme vooc power bank .they are launched soon and brings a 10000 to 20000 mah capacity and support usb type a or c .
The top most feature of realme vooc power bank is it has support fast charging itself and charge the another phone in just 30 minutes.
The price of the vooc power bank is near about ₹1500 to ₹ 1800 .
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