Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Whatsapp Released Dark Mode theme : Download Here

WhatsApp may finally introduce the dark mode feature after testing it for a year now. Many screenshots of the dark mode beta version have surfaced on the internet, but recently, we've been hearing a lot of updates about a global rollout of the feature. Various tweets have popped up confirming the new feature.
WhatsApp Dark Mode Setting

The latest Android beta update shows a new option in the Settings menu that indicates WhatsApp dark mode might soon be released to all users. The latest Android beta version 2.19.282 has a new section called 'Theme Settings' under app settings. Here, WhatsApp users are finding three options to choose from: Light Theme, Dark Theme, and System Default.

The WhatsApp Dark Theme is a much-awaited feature. The Light Theme is the usual white theme that's currently set in the app. And lastly, the System Default mode is the theme that is set for the rest of your smartphone. For instance, if you've set your smartphone to dark mode, then essentially, WhatsApp would switch to dark mode as well.
WhatsApp To Introduce New Features
Users took to Twitter to note the new WhatsApp dark mode. One user has spotted that the dark mode is named Night Theme. The Tweet also mentions other new features coming to WhatsApp, including Disappearing Messages. Inspired from SnapChat, the feature will allow the sender to set a time limit for a text, after which it'll disappear. Reports state that the Disappearing Messages feature is still in the alpha stage of development.
WhatsApp is also introducing Contact Ranking, Boomerang Videos, and the option to hide muted status. There will also be multi-platform support for WhatsApp users, where they can access the app on many platforms simultaneously. WhatsApp is also introducing the option to make calls using Google Assistant. Users will need to update WhatsApp and Google Assistant to access this feature. However, there is still no announcement of when the new WhatsApp features will be rolled out.

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