Thursday, December 12, 2019

Realme airpods support wireless charging in 4999 price

The  last few weeks have seen Realme's wireless earbuds gathering a lot of attention. Ever since Realme CEO Madhav Sheth teased them at the Realme X2 Pro launch, the wireless earbuds have generated a lot of interest. Most of that may be due to the Apple AirPods inspired design and an expectation fo a low starting price. However, there's more to the Realme Buds Air (yes, that's what Realme will call it) than just being cheap AirPods knock-off- thanks to a new leak.

The Realme Buds Air is now known to feature wireless charging similar to what you find on expensive earbuds such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple AirPods. Thanks to a new leak from GSMArena, the Realme Buds Air is now known to feature Qi-standard wireless charging. Hence, if you have a wireless charging pad lying around, you can use it to charge your wireless earbuds. This is a surprising feature for a pair of earbuds that is expected to cost much lesser than what existing earbuds with wireless charging ask for.
And that brings us to the expected pricing of the Realme Buds Air. Previous rumours have revealed it and the latest leak reveals the same. The Realme Buds Air is expected to cost Rs 4,999 in India. This could make it one of the cheapest wireless earbuds in the audio accessories market. Considering all the known features of the Buds Air, it could end-up offering incredible value over any other wireless earbuds.
Realme has already confirmed that the Buds Air will come in three different colour variants- Yellow, Black and White. The Buds Air will have a long stalk housing the microphone and they could even feature touch controls similar to the Galaxy Buds and AirPods. What remains to be seen is what kind of battery life the Buds Air could offer on a single charge and whether the audio quality is on par with what the popular earbuds in the market have to offer.

However, recent rumours have suggested that OnePlus will also have a go at the completely wireless earbuds. Chances are that the OnePlus buds will be based on the Realme Buds Air and it could possibly end up featuring better audio quality and possibly OnePlus' Warp Charge 30T technology.

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