Thursday, March 12, 2020

How to remove corona virus callertune : Phonemania

Numbers Of Corona Patients In India Also Started Increasing With Over 50+ Confirmed Cases In India Including 20+ Italian Visitors. India’s Communication Ministry acted Quickly & Started Spreading Awareness Through Informative Caller Tune Of Corona Virus.
Indian Telecom Operators Acted Quickly & Most Of Telecos Joined This Movement. Reliance Jio & BSNL Have Even Changed There Default Caller Tune To This Corona Callertune.

What is Corona Caller Tune? 

Corona caller tune is Awareness Message To Peoples Of India. You Can Heard Voice Of Coughing Of Men Instantly Once You Dial Any Number.
Also, After which a message was heard saying that to avoid coronavirus, you should wash your hands frequently. Also, while coughing and sneezing, use tissue paper instead of hands. Apart from this, it was also told in the caller tune to clean your hands with a sanitizer.

How To Stop or Remove Corona Caller Tune ?

Above Said Message’s Duration is 30 Seconds & We Need To Wait till This Corona Callertune Completes. Some Time During Emmergency call , This Caller tune Becomes Frustrating. We Have Tested Below Way To Remove Or Instantly Stop The Corona Caller & It Worked In Some Of Telecom SIMs.
Steps :- 

1, First Of All Just Dial The Regular Call To Your Contact
2. Corona Caller Tune Will Start Instantly After Dialing.
3. Instantly Press The 1 or # From Keypad
4. You Can Even Press Multiple Times If This Doesn’t Works Once.
5. Corona Caller Tune Will Stop & You Will Get Regular “tring tring” Caller Tune. 
Note – This is Tested Working In Airtel SIM Cards & Vodafone Idea SIM Cards. In Reliance Jio & BSNL , Corona Callertune Continues Till Recipient Pick Up The Call.

Method 2 To Remove Corona Virus Caller Tune – 

Working Perfectly For Airtel Users, Other Users Check In Your SIM
Open Your Dialler & Dial *646*224# and press 1 to Deactivate
Done !!
Stay Safe,,, Always Wash Your Hands & Use Masks During Public Gatherings.

Gets Alerted When … 

  • You Have Coughing & Sneezing
  • Headache From More Then 1 Week
  • Generalize Fever
  • When You Feel Breathlessness (shortness of breath and breathing difficulties)

Always … 

  • Do Regular hand washing
  • Cover The mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing
  • For More You Can Visit WHO Guidelines About The Virus (Check Here)

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