Friday, July 31, 2020

PUBG Mobile recently update our Privacy Policy after Indian Government announce for Ban in INDIA : Report

PUBG Mobile has updated its privacy policy for users in India. A new update was recently pushed out for its users in the country that includes a new notification confirming the same. The changes in privacy policy have been introduced to offer better transparency around how personal information is processed.

The update in privacy policy comes right after the recent ban of 59 Chinese apps in India, including the likes of TikTok, CamScanner, Shareit, Shein, and more. Earlier this week we reported about an order released by the Ministry of IT that added 47 more Chinese apps that were mostly clones of the previously banned apps. It was also suggested that apart from the ones that were banned, over 250 other apps were also under examination for any user privacy or national security violations, including PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile India has given a reason for the changes in the privacy policy on its official Discord channel. “To answer some questions regarding this, we update our user privacy policy from time to time to reflect our current privacy practices. These updates are intended to make the user privacy policy easier to understand and to give more transparency about how we process your personal information.”

Check the new privacy policy updates by PUBG India:-

PUBG Mobile has extensively explained what kind of data they have access to and why do they need it. While your social media or Google account is required to sign-into the game, users the company can automatically collect certain data from you when you use the Game Services, namely your open ID, IP address, device information (such as application version, battery level, WiFi strength, available space, network type, OS version, platform, carrier, country code, series ID, Android ID, MAC and IDFV), registration time, login time, and information regarding your use of the Game Services, such as date and time stamps of actions.

Coming to the changes, the new privacy policy clearly states that user data will remain on Indian servers. Users from India will have the ability to contact PUBG Mobile officials in case they want access or erasure of their personal data. This means that users will have full transparency and control over what is being shared with the game developers.

Notably, the company also says that the information can get shared with third-party services on the basis of no further disclosure. For further information head over to this link.

We can’t really say whether the changes in policy will or will not lead to PUBG Mobile being banned in India. But we are pretty confident that the game developers will do their best to keep the game up and running in the country. The reason is pretty obvious, the sheer amount of popularity that the game has in India is something that Tencent is not going to ignore. With that, India now has a very solid community of PUBG Mobile gamers including semi-professional and professional players that are earning rather well via means of content streaming and esports tournaments.

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