Saturday, July 18, 2020

Realme ready to introduce our new flagship smartphone that's support 125W ultra dart Technology

Realme Smartphone ready to launch our brand new flagship smartphone that supports 125watt dart charge technology .

 That charge your smartphone 33% in just 3 minutes .

This smartphone brings a 5g Technology after a Realme X50pro smartphone.
Realme claims that it can charge up a 4,000mAh battery to a full 100% in just 20 minutes, similar to what Oppo announced earlier this week.

After iQoo and Oppo, Realme has now announced its own 125W fast charging solution. According to the company, the 125W UltraDart charging standard can charge a 4,000mAh battery from 0 to 33% in just 3 minutes. Notably, this is very similar to its sister brand Oppo’s fast charging tech, so we won’t be surprised if both are compatible with each other.
The UltraDart charging solution is a successor for the company’s SuperDart charging and delivers 6.25A at 20V. Just like Oppo, this is also claimed to fully charge a 4,000mAh battery in about 20 minutes

To manage the thermals, Realme says that it will use a vapor chamber inside along with a combination of 14 temperature sensors inside the phone. That way it plans to keep the temperature under 40 degrees. The company also says that if they remove the temperature controls, the battery can be fully charged in about 13 minutes. But of course, that increases the risk of completely destroying the phone, so safety measures are necessary.
Realme expects its new 125W UltraDart charge to arrive in future 5G enabled smartphones. Having said that, it hasn't been confirmed as to when exactly will we see the first phone with the new charging standard. In our opinion, considering that a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers are in the final stages of release 100W and above charging standards, the first device with super-fast charging speeds could arrive by the end of this year.

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