Sunday, July 17, 2022

Xiaomi announced the Launch date of our First Electric car : Here is the details of Specifications, price and Launch date in india

The talk of Xiaomi Electric Car started from last year itself. At the same time, there is news that the company is going to unveil this car in August. The company is going to do a public event in August and can showcase this car during that time. This news was first published by Sheena Tech and they have claimed that Xiaomi founder Lei Jun is going to present this prototype Xiaomi Electric Car next month. The report also states that they are spending most of the day at the Xiaomi headquarters to ensure that the company's car project is being implemented properly.

Xiaomi Electric car Phonemania

Xiaomi Electric Car test drive to start soon

After the demonstration of this prototype car, there is still some time to launch as it is currently under test drive in different conditions. According to the news, the test drive of the car will start during the winter this year. Xiaomi Electric Car is designed by HVST Automobiles. This team designed the Maven concept car for WM Motor. The company wants to establish its own electric car segment as an automatic brand. The PR Director has been appointed for this and the marketing campaign will start after the performance of the car in August.

Preparation for Xiaomi Electric Car

In the electric car, the company is preparing to come with full force. For this, the company had announced last year itself and for this an investment of more than 7 billion rupees was announced for the automatic brand. Xiaomi has set up its auto manufacturing plant in Yizhuang city of China. This is also where the company's research and development team is located. According to the information that has been revealed so far, if this plant works with full capacity, then about 3,00,000 cars can be produced per year.

As far as the look of the Xiaomi electric car is concerned, some photos of it have been leaked, according to which this car is very similar to the concept car of MW Motors Maven. It looks like a completely rebranded model. At present, the company plans to manufacture 1,50,000 cars a year.

Launch Date of Xiaomi Electric car 

As we said, company is yet to showcase its prototype electric car but it is almost two years before the commercial launch. The company has prepared an army of about 1,000 employees for this, but this electric car of Xiaomi can be launched only till 2024. Initially, the company is going to offer it in four models which will include segments like A+ and B.

Price of Xiaomi electric car 

Talking about the price of Xiaomi Electric Car, according to the information received so far, the price of A+ segment model will be 150,000 and 200,000 Chinese Yuan, which is equal to 18 lakhs and 25 lakhs. On the other hand, cars in the B segment are 200,000 and 300,000 Chinese Yuan which is equivalent to Rs 25 lakh and Rs 35 lakh. These cars will support L3 Autonomous Driving technology.

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