Sunday, February 5, 2023

Google ready to release similar of ChatGPT AI Tool soon in google search engine : Sunder Pichai

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has made numerous headlines and amassed over 100 million users in just one an half month since it was opened for public access, is soon set to get a new rival from the house of Google. Word on the same was announced on Thursday by Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google and its parent holding company, Alphabet. During speech, Pichai detailed the key role that AI and tools powered by AI will play at Google going forward, and the work that the company is doing in this regard.

Explaining how the technology will work:-
Pichai added, “Very soon, people will be able to interact directly with our newest, most powerful language models as a companion to Search in experimental and innovative ways. We’ll (also) provide new tools and APIs for developers, creators, and partners. This will empower them to innovate and build their own applications and discover new possibilities with AI on top of our language, multimodal, and other AI models.”
Pichai’s explanation comes as CNBC reported regarding Google’s work on a ChatGPT rival, named Apprentice Bard, last week. In the same time frame, OpenAI also rolled out a subscription model for ChatGPT, which now costs $20 per month.

so be stays the google will soon release the same AI tool like ChatGPT in google search engine to explore more categories.  

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