Saturday, April 1, 2023

Exclusive: Soon Youtube Viewers also earn money by watching ads and videos on YouTube

YouTube India launched the VRS (Viewer Revenue sharing) Program in india to generate more revenue by increasing watch times and generate traffic on YouTube. Before the YouTube has only One program is YPP (YouTube Partner Program) but now YouTube Has launched the VRS program in india and now viewer also earn money from watching videos in india.

Before VRS the YouTube gives the revenue share of 45% to our creators and 55 % share hold itself and in now VRS Program the YouTube will pay 10% to viewers of videos.

Whith this feature in US citizen earn upto $200 monthly and now YouTube Launched in india. According to the report the YouTube views increase upto 200 time after launching VRS Program in US. And as on path they launch in india to generate our revenue more and help to people to earn money from watching ads and videos in india. On an average india YouTube user will earn upto Rs10000 from YouTube VRS Program.

Stay tuned with phonemania to get Updates on YouTube VRS Program.

I will share the YouTube video to clearly show the VRS Program will available doon in india for all youtube users.

Here is the video


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