Sunday, April 2, 2023

How to Enable VRS Program In YouTube India


These are the guidelines for viewers participating in the VRS program here :-

  1. Do not alone your device unattended while videos are playing as doing so will result
    in the discontinued of revenue sharing program.
  2. Inactivity on the screen for more than 5 minutes will also discontinue revenue
    sharing Program. So you must keep active on your device like mobile,Laptop and Your TV.
  3. The more ads you watch, the more revenue you generate. Skipping ads will result in lower revenue distribution. You if you watch more ads on YouTube you can earn more revenue from VRS Program 
  4. Content that generates higher advertiser interest, such as tech and finance, will
    have higher ad rates and thus a higher revenue share for viewers.
  5. The VRS program will be available for both long and short videos.
  6. If You are doing fraud activity or attempts to manipulate the system will immediate ban from the program. And your Account will be suspended from VRS program an in future you will not create a account.

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